Many spouses wonder how to fix a broken marriage. It is unfortunate for so many marriages to end up in failure. The entire ordeal takes a huge toll on a couple’s emotions and their finances. The fact of the matter is, many couples had fights before they were married. Yet they work through them and got married. So why can they not work through them after they are married? Here are the seven biggest reasons for marital problems.

  1. Communication. We have all heard communication is the key, but do any of us actually have effective communication? Years ago, folks used to have dinner together and talk about their day with each other. This not only increased speaking skills but it also increased listening skills. To communicate effectively all of this need to spend more time listening and understanding exactly what the other person is saying.
  2. Boredom. This is not the same kind of boredom as in nothing to watch on television. We call slip into a daily routine that becomes incredibly boring. It is though we are going through the motions of life, without really experiencing life. This is unavoidable because of our hectic schedules. Nevertheless, anyone wanting to know how to fix a broken marriage would be wise to break out of the boredom and remember why he or she fell in love.
  3. Money. Finances and budgeting are a huge cause of tension in many households. Here is a suggestion. Have your own separate bank accounts. Then have a joint bank account where each contributes toward the household bills. Set a fair amount for each person to contribute to the household expenses. You can even have a joint savings account together as long as you have your own separate accounts.
  4. Kids. The kids can come between a couple, only if you let them. There will come a time when the kids are grown and gone but your spouse will still be with you. Try to keep that in mind.
  5. Religion. Each person’s religion should be respected, as they would want their own religion respected. It should be decided before marriage what religion the children will be raised in. If not, talk about it now. Alternately, you could wait until the children are old enough to decide for themselves.
  6. Spare Time. It is good to set some time aside just for yourself. However, setting time aside for each other is more important. Try to spend at least 15 minutes a day with just each other, talking about your day.
  7. Cheating. Do not do it. It is not worth it. It can cause a lot of pain for the other person:  pain you would never want to feel yourself. Affairs can destroy trust, but with time, sincere apologies, and true forgiveness, the marriage can be built up again.

Common Mariage Problems and How to Fix Them

It is a sad fact that many spouse need marriage help but are afraid to ask, for fear of looking like they have failed. If you are here, thank you for taking the first step to fixing your relationship.

There are numerous well-defined reasons that make the difference between a happy marriage and a not so happy or woeful one. First and foremost the couple should mutually come to terms that they both need to seek help, be it spiritual or emotional, a marriage check-up of some sort. It doesn’t necessarily has to be going to a love guru or marriage counselor, not even confiding it right away to your family or closest friends, for working things out should be dealt first by the very parties concerned. Discussion will help to clarifying issues and finding the true reasons you are fighting and need marriage help.


Are you presenting a solid and united front in parenting? Does one of you become so emotionally attached to them, making them the center of your universe to the point of setting aside your dutiful responsibilities with your mate? Think again.

Wealth and Finances

Are you living within your means, within a planned and consensus budget?  Issue with money between couple is a big no-no. Improper mishandling of finances and couple’s wrong attitude about it, not the money itself can destroy a relationship. Remember that keeping money under control also means keeping a marriage strong

Sexual Intimacy

Are we mainly focused in achieving satisfaction for ourselves rather than pleasing the other?  In clearly defining the meaning of love and lust  can we more understand that selfless love makes us full and not empty. For lust can never wait to get but love can always wait to give.

Parents and In-Laws

Are you the type who hold your spouse’s family in high regard? The quality of relationship you have with your in-laws has a great effect on the kind of marriage you are building. Extended-family conflict is no laughing matter. Do we strive to show them a lot of courtesy and respect or are we the type who makes them the brunt of our jokes when with friends or own family?


Do you have the kind of relationship that empowers each other towards the goal of developing a personal faith in God, or at least strong moral stances? A couple with a regular spiritual nourishment produced a victorious and strengthened marriage.

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