Relationships are a major part of our lives. We form bonds with others, especially with our husbands and wives, that can last a lifetime. However, bonds can be broken just as easily. All couples, married or not, go through ups and downs in their relationships, and sometimes it is necessary to get help from others. Here are three relationship books for couples that take a look at how to repair or enhance your existing connection.

Best Christian Marriage Book

One of the most highly thought of Christian relationship books is “The Ten Commandments of Marriage” by Ed Young and Beth Moore. Young’s background as a pastor of a big church in Texas marks the Christian themes of the book that draws upon his experience of counseling couples for a decade. The book is laid out through ten stories, reflecting that of commandments that are aimed at helping married couples. The themes of selfishness, parents, debt, sexual temptation, forgiveness and passion are explored in such a way that it promotes the co-operation of a working relationship between a married couple.Christian marriage books sometimes involve a lot of Biblical luggage, but this book does. Young handles it in such a way that the themes of Christianity are only an undercurrent that is only used to bring forward the value of a good, working marriage. It is also a great book for study groups that are composed of couples. One caveat though: the advice presented is not remarkable and does not break new ground. Young is rehashing general, sound advice in a fresh way that is presented through stories.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is an excellent relationship book that makes references to Christianity without ever being preachy. The author, Mark Gungor, addresses real-life situations and realistic ways to work on marriage problems. It’s a very down-to-earth and conversational book that will instantly make you feel comfortable with the narrator and his suggestions. The many humorous marriage anecdotal lessons can be read separately or shared with your spouse. This book also recognizes the importance of solving the underlying causes of the issues that plague marriages, instead of just the symptoms, which are often much easier to see. A substantial portion of the book is dedicated to discussing how men and women are radically different in how they react to their spouses and the world around them, and gives concrete tips to work around these obstacles and achieve a genuinely happier, healthier Christian marriage.

Best Self-Help Marriage/Relationship Books for Couples

Self-help books on relationship are a dime a dozen, but a standout one is “Emotional Fitness for Couples: 10 Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship” by Barton Goldsmith. It offers a step-by-step program that people can use to better their relationship skills. Chapters are short, straightforward and to the point. It is aimed at those who are extremely busy or those with short attention spans because each chapter can be finished in less than ten minutes. It is not a bad thing, though, as each chapter focuses on a specific goal; it addresses specific key points and is a refreshing change from other marriage counseling books that are often exhaustive and overwhelming. Goldsmith presents exercises that couples can carry out. This role-playing is for helping those get over the fear of rejection or intimacy. While this book is very well structured and can help couples in distress, it is not for those who are not into sappy, lovey-dovey stuff.

Marriage counseling books are often not in-depth in the way in which they explore the connection between two people. “How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It” by Patricia Love and Steven Stosny explores the psychological dilemmas that every man and woman face when they are in a lifelong bond. It goes into details about how men and women view things differently and why it is often the source of conflict. It also discusses the physiological reactions of both sexes, going into detail of how physiology and psychology intertwine with each other to make us what we are. There is a chapter specifically for men to understand the female point of view, as well as one for women to understand the opposite sex.Most books on marriage do not engage in such discourse, making this book an important, if not essential, read for those who are having trouble with their marriage. However, the book does oversimplify gender roles a bit and seems aimed at couples who have broken off communication altogether and are steps away from breaking up the relationship. If you are having many problems with your marriage, or if you are on the brink of divorce, this book is definitely for you. While it is not for strengthening marital bonds, unlike most marriage books, there are chapters that will be highly helpful for those who need it.

Those in relationships often wonder how they can make it work. These books can help you fix or enhance the bond you have with your significant other in ways you may not have thought of before.

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