Do you feel a little baffled on how to show your wife how much you care? Women can seem a bit confusing. Why does she ask your advice without wanting your help? Does she want that new dishwasher or the necklace for her birthday? How can you please her without doubting yourself?

Relax. Women are easy to please when you consider how their minds work. These tips should help.

Tip 1: Appeal to her emotions

Men are more logical thinkers by nature, while women follow their instincts or “gut” when making decisions. This usually follows suit in matters of the heart. If you get her a new vacuum with all the bells and whistles for her birthday, she won’t realize that you are trying to be thoughtful. She’ll save time, right? Yes, but she’s thinking that you view her as a maid or a housekeeper rather than “Aww..he remembered how much I hated that old vacuum!”

Some women may be an exception. There are some who would love getting a practical gift, and more than likely if your wife is one of them she’ll also come right out and tell you want she wants. If your wife is more of a “hint leaver” then proceed with caution. When in doubt, stick with romantic gestures. No woman would turn down a new pair of earrings or a back rub or even a love letter. In fact, it’s the simple things that melt most womens’ hearts. Make her dinner. Mention something she told you months before to show her how well you listen. Appeal to her emotions, and forget practicality when it comes to wooing your woman.  

Tip 2: Listen to her when she talks.

Your wife feels safe, loved, and adored when you hang on her every word. It may be your natural inclination to “fix” things or to solve her problems when she’s venting, but resist this urge. She just wants someone to hear her while she processes her feelings herself. She knows the logical solution already, but she has to follow her heart when making decisions. When you allow her to talk to you about what’s bothering her without trying to solve everything, she will feel more connected and loved by you.

Tip 3: Show her you appreciate her efforts.

Whether your wife is a corporate lawyer or a stay at home mom, what she does adds value to your life. Let her know that you appreciate what she does by telling her so. Women are naturally inclined to serve and dote on those they love because they are typically hardwired for nurturing. It gives your wife pleasure to ensure that you are well fed because she brings home a pay check, or that your home is neat and clean when you come home at night. This is a good thing, but it also makes it easy to take advantage of the situation. Let her know you notice what she does and that you love her for it, and don’t be afraid to help her out when you can! Nothing will let her know that you recognize how hard she works than you picking up the slack now and again.

Tip 4: Tell her she’s beautiful…and mean it.

Scrubbing floors and having kids wiping food (and other substances) all over you doesn’t exactly make a girl feel sexy. Your wife wants to know that she still turns you on and gets your motor running. Tell her she’s pretty, even when she’s wearing nothing but sweats and a ponytail. Touch her. Kiss her. Flirt with her. Let her know she’s still desirable. More often than not, she’ll reciprocate the gesture in ways you’ll both enjoy.

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