Premarital counseling has become a popular choice for many engaged couples who are committed, before the marriage has even begun, to making the relationship last forever. A marriage counselor can help the couple be realistic about their relationship, and prepare for some difficult situations ahead of time, so that if any of these scenarios arise, they will already know a healthy way to deal with it. A counselor can also help the couple decide if they are truly right for each other.

Pre marital counseling can range from several sessions with a marriage counselor before the big day, to retreats for couples desiring or planning to get married.

The premarital stage can be exciting. Couples are looking forward to that day where they start on a new life together. But along with this excitement, there will be questions running through these couples’ minds.

Many people ask if pre-marriage counseling is really worth it for couples? In most cases, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

Why Choose Premarital Counseling?

Some couples going through premarital counseling have been encouraged by their parents because their parents truly believe in the power of counseling and making sure the couple is right for each other. Others may have parents who are divorced, and they just do not want to see their children end up the same way their marriage did. These parents have learned their lessons already and they just want to see their children grow old with their future husbands or wives. For that matter, children coming from divorced parents have higher risks of getting divorced, too,  so premarital counseling is seen as a preventative technique.

Benefits of Pre-marriage Counseling Sessions

Through premarital counseling, counselors can help couples understand what’s real and valuable in the married life. Couples can be taught on how to make their relationships successful as well as understanding and productive ways to find solutions to problems that may arise in marriage.

Some pre-marriage counseling questions that couples might have to answer are hypothetical situations, such as how you would react if your husband expressed interest in another woman, or your wife got herself deep into debt. These questions may be uncomfortable to answer, but they are important because it’s difficult to imagine worst-case scenarios in the future when the couple is blissfully in love and engaged.

Engaged couples counseling can also give you solutions and techniques for working through common marriage difficulties while going through premarital counseling. Other than these questions, couples also learn skills like team building, communication, problem solving, anger management, parenting, affair prevention, etc.

Any tool that can give you the ability to forge a stronger, healthier, happier relationship with your partner is a worthwhile activity, and premarital counseling in particular can help you avoid years of struggling to find the answers yourself.

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