RAA wrote:

I am married since more than 30 years, having 3 children, the oldest being married and working in the USA. Our 2nd child is also working now, in Dubai, and the 3rd one is in grade 8 now. Jan 2011, my wife asked for a divorce and keeps asking for it.  I cannot live without her, I need help and I need someone to talk and help me in this bad situation.

Thanks, RAA

Dear RAA,

I’m sorry you are having a hard time in your marriage. Did your wife mention why she wants the divorce? If it’s something that can be easily fixed, then do what you can to talk to her and figure out if there is something you can do to change.  Is your relationship lacking romance? Spice things up a bit!

If things are a bit more serious than that, then you could ask her if she’ll consider marriage counseling. This will allow you to work out any unresolved issues that may be harming your marriage.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to save your marriage if she is totally unwilling. If that is the case, you should attend counseling yourself to come to terms with your loss and to work on ways to express and get past your grief so you can move on to happier times in the future.

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