Romance seems to be a dying art. Instead of hand written love letters and real courtship, couples are now sending text messages and looking to “hook up.” If you are looking for more than that, and many couples are, then it’s time to approach love and romance the old fashioned way…through personalized attention and affection geared toward the one you are trying to woo.

The most important things to consider is that personalized attention goes a long way. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a gift, the point is that you put thought into it. A hand written love letter which expresses your true feelings is much more valuable than a diamond ring. Telling your partner how much you appreciate them or listing things they do to make you feel loved is more appreciated than a fancy vacation. Keep this in mind when you attempt to romance your spouse or partner.

Although women tend to favor romance more than men, both sexes desire to feel loved, appreciated, protected, and cared for. You can make your partner feel this way by loving him or her in the way he or she needs. People feel love in different ways, so what is romantic to one person may not be so for another. Therefore, if your husband feels most loved through physical displays of affection and you write him a love poem, he will feel as though you are ignoring his needs. One common mistake people make is to attempt to make others feel loved in the way THEY would feel loved. Remember to give your partner what he or she needs rather than what you would need.

How do you find out what it is your partner needs for romance? Ask! And then really listen. If your husband would feel more desired by having you initiate more sex, don’t tell him he’s wrong or attempt to change his mind. Listen to what he’s saying, and make an effort to be more spontaneous in the bedroom. The same goes for men. While most males would love having constant sexual advances aimed in their directions, women don’t always share this sentiment. If your wife would rather have a long conversation or a night of cuddling with no nookie in the mix, do your best to accommodate. It’s through this mutual giving and taking that true romance is born.

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